January 19-28, 2021

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Clarify your life purpose and vision

    Transform the quality of your relationships, and live in more harmony with those around you

          Use the latest science to create new habits, and end habits that are getting in your way

                Optimize the physical, mental, and emotional fitness you need to live with more vitality and flow

                Cultivate the resilience and courage you need to challenge yourself and follow through on your goals

                  Deepen your spiritual journey for more meaning and joy

                  Design the life you want, and create daily practices that will support you in reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams

                    40+ Leading Experts to Guide You

                    Learn from renowned authors, scientists, habit change specialists, mindset, performance and success coaches, and experts in relationships, finance, health & wellness and more.

                    Practical Skills and Practices You Can Do Now

                    Learn and implement powerful, practical tools to clarify your life vision, follow through on your goals and commitments, improve your relationships and well-being, and make 2021 the best year of your life.

                    Free Access to Each Session for 48 Hours

                    You can enjoy each day's presentations any time of day or night for 48 hours. Watch all 40+ sessions from your computer, phone or tablet. Bring The Best Year of Your Life Summit with you anywhere.

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                    SUMMIT PRESENTERS

                    40+ Leading Experts to Guide You

                    SHARON SALZBERG

                     Bestselling Author, Real Change and Real Happiness

                    YONGEY MINGYUR RINPOCHE

                    Meditation Master, Bestselling Author, Joy of Living, Spiritual Director of Tergar

                    BYRON KATIE

                    Bestselling Author, Question Your Thinking and Change the World and Loving What is

                    JACK KORNFIELD, PHD

                    Bestselling Author, The Wise Heart and No Time Like the Present

                    RICHARD J. DAVIDSON, PHD

                    Neuroscientist, Founder-Director of the Center for Healthy Minds

                    ELIZABETH LESSER

                    Co-Founder Omega, Best-Selling Author, Seeker's Guide, Broken Open, Marrow, Cassandra Speaks

                    KUTE BLACKSON

                    Visionary, Transformational Teacher, Author, You Are the One

                    KELLY MCGONIGAL, PHD

                    Health Psychologist at Stanford University, Author, The Willpower Instinct and The Neuroscience of Change

                    KATIE HENDRICKS, PHD

                    Author, Psychotherapist, Pioneering Relationship Expert & Conscious Loving Teacher

                    GAY HENDRICKS, PHD

                    Author, Psychotherapist, Pioneering Relationship Expert & Conscious Loving Teacher​

                    TRUDY GOODMAN, PHD

                    Insight Meditation Teacher, Author, Psychotherapist, Founding Teacher at InsightLA

                    KRISHNA DAS

                    Spiritual Teacher, Kirtan Vocalist & Musician, Recording Artist

                    FLEET MAULL, PHD

                    Author, Growth Mindset Expert, Meditation Teacher, Social Entrepreneur 

                    SANDRA YANCEY

                    CEO, Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Empowerment Expert, Founder, eWomenNetwork

                    DEVON HARRIS

                    Olympic Bobsled Athlete, Mindset Expert, Motivational Speaker

                    EMILY ESFAHANI SMITH

                    Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, Journalist

                    SUSAN SLY

                    CEO, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Marathoner, Ironman Triathlete, Success Coach

                    THOMAS HÜBL

                    Founder, Academy of Inner Science, Author of Healing Collective Trauma

                    KOYA WEBB

                    Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach, Author, Transformational Trainer

                    JUD BREWER, MD, PHD

                    Psychologist, Researcher, Habits and Addictions Expert

                    RICHARD FREEMAN

                    Author, Wellness Expert, Pioneering Yoga Teacher, Ashtanga Yoga Expert

                    MARY TAYLOR

                    Author, Wellness Expert, Pioneering Yoga Teacher, Ashtanga Yoga Expert

                    RICHARD STROZZI-HECKLER, PHD

                    Author, Executive Coach, Aikido Black Belt, Somatics Expert, Founder Strozzi Institute

                    RONALD SIEGEL, PSYD

                    Psychologist at Harvard Medical School, Author, Clinician

                    MOLLY PITTMAN

                    Marketing Expert, Author, former VP at Digital Marketer, CEO at Smart Marketer

                    DAWA TARCHIN PHILLIPS

                    Founder/CEO of Empowerment Holdings Coaching, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, High Performance Expert

                    HUGH BYRNE, PHD

                    Habit Change Expert, Author, Habit Swap: Mindfulness Skills to Change Habits for Good

                    JERRY COLONNA

                    Author, Executive Coach, Leadership Expert, CEO Whisperer

                    ILARION MERCULIEFF 

                    Unangan Elder, Author, Environmentalist and Indigenous Rights Activist & Leader

                    DIANE MUSHO HAMILTON

                    Zen Teacher, Award Winning Mediator, Author, Everything is Workable, Compassionate Conversations

                    MIKE NORMANT

                    Leadership Trainer, Executive Coach, Author, Coach Your Self Up

                    SYLVIE ROKAB

                    Film Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Speaker, and Nature Therapy Guide

                    JOHN DOUILLARD, DC, CAP

                    Leader in the field of Natural Health, Founder, LifeSpa Ayurvedic Clinic

                    MICHELLE BABB, MS, RD

                    Nutritionist, Registered Dietician, Author of Mastering Mindful Eating

                    JUSTIN MICHAEL WILLIAMS

                    Author, Transformational Speaker, Musician, Mindfulness Teacher, Activist

                    CANDICE GEE

                    Financial Advisor, Spiritual Teacher, Abundance Mindset Specialist

                    JESSICA ZWEIG

                    Author, CEO, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Personal Branding Expert

                    OREN JAY SOFER

                    Meditation and Nonviolent Communication Teacher, Relationship Expert, Author

                    MARK WALSH

                    Movement & Embodiment Expert, Aikido Black Belt, Founder, The Embodiment Conference

                    DENYS ZHADANOV

                    Mindset & Life Plan Design Expert, Entrepreneur, Technologist

                    MARK COLEMAN

                    Mindfulness Teacher, Wilderness Guide, Author, From Suffering to Peace and Awake in the Wild

                    REV. ALFREDA LANOIX

                    Motivational Speaker, Ordained Minister, Empowerment Trainer, Author, Going To H.E.L.L.

                    RICHIE BOSTOCK

                    The Breath Guy: Breathwork Coach, Author of Exhale

                    KAIRA JEWEL LINGO

                    Mindfulness Teacher, Educator, Editor, Planting Seeds: Practicing Mindfulness With Children

                    SAL DI STEFANO

                    Fitness Expert, Co-founder of the MAPS Program and Mind Pump Media

                    SUMMIT SCHEDULE

                    DAY 1

                    Life Purpose & Vision

                    DAY 2

                    Health & Well-Being

                    DAY 3

                    Science of Creating New Habits

                    DAY 4

                    Mindset & Performance

                    DAY 5

                    Financial Health
                    & Abundance

                    DAY 6


                    DAY 7

                    Health & Well-Being

                    DAY 8

                    Spirituality & Consciousness

                    DAY 9

                    Simplicity &
                    Earth-Friendly Living

                    DAY 10

                    Next Steps:

                    Creating a Life Plan

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